New Orleans artist Becky Fos has always been highly motivated by and attracted to bright colors and objects ever since she was first exposed to art at an early age. While her first ambition was to become a graphic designer and architect, for years Fos was content to just admire art after other career choices came calling. But in an effort to simply fill the void of the bare walls of her home, Fos picked up a paint brush for a quick dalliance on canvas and unexpectedly discovered her life’s deep-seated passion to create art herself. 

Others took immediate notice of her vibrant work, and Fos’ reputation and admiration as an artist catapulted in lightning speed. In the early stages of her foray into art, Fos was invited to participate in exciting local art showcases and to display her art at the 2013 Gretna Heritage Festival. 

Fos’ dynamic charm and joie de vivre is highly evident in her distinctive and striking style that implements bold color to capture the energy, charisma and soul of her subjects. Fos, who is self-taught, has a penchant to work in the fast-pace world of acrylics, which dry quickly and suit her particular method of painting and encapsulate the emotion she strives to illicit to compile her one-of-a-kind pieces. Her friends, family and clients enrich her life and Fos believes that there is intrinsic beauty in absolutely everyone and everything, and she is consistently inspired by people and brilliantly captures their incredible expressions and spirit in her exuberant art. 

A day spent painting is a day of joy for Fos, who whole-heartedly loves to paint. Born on July 3, 1981, Fos was raised in Austin, Texas and now lives with her husband Jeff and her son Jude in Gretna, Louisiana, where the walls of her home are now splendidly replete with her radiant art, the result of an innately talented young artist who fortunately has found her true life’s calling.